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About Us

The Street Pastors Initiative is an interdenominational Christian response to today's social problems. It is spearheaded by the Ascension Trust. To find out more about the origins of Street Pastors and the organisation behind the initiative, please read the information below.

Ascension Trust


Ascension Trust was established in 1993. It has a desire to see Christians working effectively with their local churches, community and society.


The Trust


  • Has links with many churches across the UK.
  • Runs short term missions that include teaching, team building and social action in the community.
  • Has links with churches in Germany, Norway and France.
  • Has working relationships with churches, communities and non-government organisations in Guyana, Jamaica and the USA.
  • Has an UK offices in London and Birmingham. There is also an office in Ghana, West Africa, which opened 2001,  to facilitate to a social action programme of educational training and community work.


The Ascension Trust believes that the Church brings honour to the Lord Jesus Christ by preaching the Gospel, caring for the poor and empowering individuals to develop new and existing skills and enabling them to live life to their fullest potential.   


The Trustees



Mr Ram Gidoomal



Reverend Les Isaac



Mr Michael Amoah


The Board of Trustees:

Ms Julaine Hedman – Chairperson

Reverend Jimi Adeleye

Reverend David Shosanya

Mr Femi Ladega

Mrs Penelope Smith


The Board of Reference


Reverend I O Smith

Reverend Lyndon Bowring

Reverend Joseph Boadu

Mr Lynn Green

Mr Roger Forster

Mr Graham Kendrick

Reverend Joel Edwards

Reverend Kate Coleman

Reverend Calvin Young

The Rt Reverend Dr Richard Cheetham

Dr Nigel Wright

Reverend Douglas Williams

The History of the Street Pastors Initative



Street Pastors is Ascension Trust led Initiative, which is a nationally registered charity based in London. In 2002 Ascension Trust launched a “Guns on our Streets Tour” to five London hotspots; Brent, Hackney, Haringey, Lambeth and Southwark, Aston in Birmingham and inner city Moss Side and Longsight in Manchester. The aim of the tour was to:


  • Raise community and church awareness of anti-social behaviour and the fast growing gun culture
  • Think about and implement practical solutions to stem the tide of gun and violent crimes in the UK
  • Build community and church support, by working together to effect change in socially deprived and high crime areas
  • To enlist the support and consult withyoung people, parents, the police, local MPs, community and church leaders, Probation and other statutory agencies.


A report was produced after the tour highlighting the findings from the consultations and discussions that took place. As a response to the recommendations made, the Street Pastors project was launched in January 2003.


The Street Pastors Initiative started in London, in the boroughs of Lambeth and Hackney with 18 volunteers and is now in 18 of London’s 32 boroughs. It is also present in over 20 other UK locations including Aberdeen, Inverness, Manchester, Birmingham, Norwich, Wrexham, Bridgend, Portsmouth and Torbay.  The Street Pastors Initiative has grown to over 700 volunteers with going training taking place nationally.

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